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(The Author): Roberto P. Gerochi –

I am the 3rd son of my late father Atty. Ricardo J. Gerochi and my mother Concepcion Pasquin. My parents passed away and were interned in Canada. My 3 brothers and 1 sister reside in the Philippines. My 2 brothers and 1 sister reside in Canada. All my siblings are married with children except Eleanor in Canada who remained single.

After my retirement as Supervisor of Pepsi-Cola Company in the Philippines my wife and I moved to Canada to join our 3 Children namely Tessa, Jen-jen, and Jonathan who are all married with children. Our 2nd son JR and daughter Melot, all married with children are living in the Philippines.

My spouse Lina and I are happy living in Canada close to our 3 children and 5 Grandchildren, but we often visit our two other children and 2 Grandchildren in the Philippines. I love fishing, watching basketball and boxing.  I maintain my physical shape by hiking and proper nutrition. I am still very active in life and enjoy spending time helping people and living life to the fullest. l  work part-time helping SFI affiliates build their home-based business in the Internet.

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Roberto P. Gerochi

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